First Down Laser System in the News


Eugene Daily News Reported -Leading Mark Lasers Make Debut at NCAA Championships

Bleacher Report - How Technology Continues to reshape the Way Football is Played in the NFL

Sports Illustrated July 19, 2013 "NFL fans can see a virtual first down line on TV, will they ever see one at games"- -  Will first-down line arrive at an NFL stadium near you?

ESPN NFL reported -  NFL considers line technology Not to eliminate the chains, just augment them with faster and more accurate ball placements and first down line measurements.  

USA Today reported - First-down line coming to NFL stadiums?

Fox Sports reported - First-down line laser next for NFL?


Huffington Post reported -  NFL First-Down Line: Yellow Line From TV Could Be Coming To Stadiums

CBS Sports reported   -  First Down Laser Flag Chain Sets to enhance the game of football, not to eliminate the chains but to augment them with faster and more accurate ball placements and first down line measurements

Sports Techie reported  First Down Laser Systems to enhance game of football and fans in-stadium experience with green line

The Sport Technologist Chronicle reported  - Football´s ´Chain Gang´ could be raplaced by Lasers

Tennessee Sports Authority reported  4th and inches - are you sure? 

Sports Writer Zach Smart reported - Amron Embraces New Concept For NFL with First Down Laser

CNBC Sports Business Writer Darren Rovell Reports - Inventor Betting His First Down Laser Will Come To Stadiums

SportsGrid Reports Is A "First Down Laser" Coming To An NFL Stadium Near You?

Palm Beach Daily News front page story  First Down Laser Systems.

Associated Press (AP) reported    First Down Line could be coming to NFL stadiums.

Referee Magazine 5 Minutes With Alan Amron - First Down Laser Flag Chain Sets to be used in Football,

National Interviews and Testimonials with Alan Amron on First Down Laser Systems

San Francisco Examiner reported - First-down line could be coming to NFL stadiums


USA TODAY Newspaper on 12-03-2013 3/4 of the back page of the sports section: Should NFL look to lasers to mark first downs? Inventor, says yes

The Denver Post reported NFL should at long last trade chains for lasers when marking 1st downs reported Should NFL be marking first downs with laser? Inventor says time has come for league to implement system

Laser Focus World reported - NFL football could benefit from First-Down Laser System. - Morning Huddle 12/3 – Reliant Stadium - First Down Laser Coming?

Sports Techie - The Late Great Fox CBS Sportscaster NFL Giants player - Pat Summerall evisioned a Laser Line For First Downs.

Metro - NFL could use lasers as first down markers in near future to help stadium attendance 

Cover32 - Lasers: The next evolution of football is coming  


Bleacher Report How Roger Goodell Can Realistically Improve the NFL Product

Sports Techie - Laser Leader Line Utilized Again At 2014 NCAA Track And Field National Championships


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